I personally wanted to take the time to thank you for what you two did, whether you realize it or not, you had an impact on my school. By hearing you  tell us about your life made it even more impacting because we have all come across that one battle, that one gauntlet; yet you two took that battle and came out winning. I think what you are doing is the best advice anyone could give to this generation. Many people say my generation is of a lost one, yet I have always refused to believe that, and the day you spoke I will admit I had tears in my eyes, and that is rare because I never cry, either way I know that it is okay to cry, because it only shows that you are human. Extraordinary people, are simply ordinary people, who rise to a challenge in an extraordinary crisis. Click Here to read entire letter.
Maricela Coronado, Honey Grove High School Student

I'm a student from Kemp High School and here is a picture from a presentation Brothers By Choice presented to my school. They gave an inspiring and amazing presentation, my friends and I were very grateful to see it.
Kristin Airheart, Kemp High School Student

When I heard the introduction, "Brothers By Choice", I was intrigued but still unsure of what was going to happen. Several questions went through my mind like "Who are these guys?" and "Are they really brothers?" When the program started, I began to sit up in my chair. Your story truly touched this teacher's heart and I began to see several of my students in your faces. I found myself so intensely enthralled when you two told of your meeting and becoming friends that I began laughing out loud and wiping tears from my eyes at the same time. It truly touched and softened my heart. Click Here to read entire letter.
Gay Becker, Teacher, Kemp ISD

About Sterling
Sterling recognized at a very young age that he could make a difference. He learned that love, respect, and a little courage can do amazing things. He learned that what you give comes back to you. This inspires us.

On the football field Sterling was an offensive tackle. His job as OT was to protect the quarterback, block runs and passes, out-think the defense, be quick on his feet and most importantly, clear a path for the running back. This is what he can do for our youth. He seems to have a natural ability to see a person's potential and clear a path for them. Once the path is clear, his inspiration will allow them to become the best that they can be.

About Devonric
Considering his background, we were puzzled that he had the ability and desire to focus, learn, grow and be a good person and a good student. Where did this come from? Everything he had experienced would lead you to another road, a bad road. We see it happen to young people all the time. But DD realized that he had a choice and chose a different path.

DD realized at a young age, that he was put here for a reason. We think that he is destined to help and inspire others to have the courage to step up to the plate personally and as a citizen of the world to make the universe a better place. He knows that just a little love, understanding, respect, and effort can make all the difference to someone's life. Click Here to read Sterling & DD's letters.
PJ & Jeff Ericson, Godparents