About Brothers By Choice Foundation Inc:

Brothers By Choice Foundation is a non-profit organization and accepts donations so we can reach more young adults and students.  I am sure you are aware of America’s public schools financial situation! We have many schools that would like us to talk to their students but they do not have the available funds. We have done several talks Pro-bono or at a very low cost. Unfortunately we do have operational and travel expenses.  With Brothers By Choice Foundation being a non-profit our intention is to raise money and receive donations so that we will be able to schedule schools at no cost to the district. This is all about reaching as many students and young adults as possible. We also want to go to youth organizations and churches. We would like to host a Kaufman County Youth Rally. After we have successfully hosted the Kaufman County Youth Rally we will duplicate the youth rally in other counties. Recently we were speakers at Coach June Jone’s inaugural My Brother’s Keeper Crusade and will continue our support to MBK.

The other function of the foundation would be to offer financial aid to young adults and possibly their family. Financial aid is sometimes necessary to help improve their current situation thus improving their lives and the people’s lives around them. Another example would be to sponsor an At Risk youth  to attend a life skills based training. Outreach like this is paramount to truly changing and improving the lives of young adults. 

We believe that 95% of all our youth is At Risk. Students facing death of a parent, homelessness, abuse of many types, divorce, bullying, pregnancy, low income, poverty, parental un-employment, absentee parents, incarcerated parent, sickness... Our youth is in crisis!  We need to help! Brothers By Choice Foundation teaches youth how to make better choices to break the generational cycle of dysfunction.  

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing what God does!! 



Mission Statement:
Brothers By Choice Foundation Mission is to Encourage Love and Understanding by Inspiring Hope through our story to young adults